Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Six Flags CEO Mark Shapiro Creating Changes

Six Flags has been the topic of many coaster enthusiast's discussions of late. Their new CEO, Mark Shapiro has been released several interesting statements about the changes that will be made throughout the next few years at Six Flags parks across the country. In a recent statement, Shapiro stated that one of his long term goals for Six Flags is to be come more family oriented. In order to accomplish this goal, one step Six Flags is taking is adding characters throughout the parks. Some characters that will be seen more throughout the park include both Loony Toon and DC Super Hero characters. These characters will participate in daily parades throughout the park, and will also be available for autographs and pictures during the day. Shapiro also mentioned that Six Flags has become too dependent on coasters over the last decade or so.

Hopefully, rather than starting to stray away from the "thrill" aspect of the parks, Shapiro will be able to continue to satisfy thrill seekers while also catering to families visiting Six Flags Parks.


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