Sunday, March 05, 2006

Is El Toro on Time?

El Toro, a record-breaking wooden coaster is opening this summer at Six Flags Great Adventure. The huge coaster will be one of the biggest, and fastest wooden coasters in the world. The expectations for this coaster are huge, however many coaster enthusiasts are starting to wonder if the coaster will be completed in time for the parks opening, later this month. Although Six Flags claims the coaster is just a few days behind schedule, from the look of things, there is still a lot of work to be done. Not only does SFGADV have to finish building the coaster, but they also have to build the new kiddy section on to the park. SFGADV had a similar problem last year with their record breaking steel launch coaster, Kingda Ka. The ride had a malfunction very early on in the season, and it ended up being out of operation for most of the summer. Hopefully, Six Flags can get back on schedule and bring coaster lovers the new ride they have been craving in time for the beginning of summer. For construction updates on El Toro visit,

Update 6/14: The ride officially opened to the public this week! So far, the reviews have been nothing but positive.


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