Friday, April 14, 2006

Batman: The Chiller Reopens at Six Flags Great Adventure

After more than 2 seasons of being down, SFGadv has finally reopened Batman:The Chiller. This the second track of a duel track ride. The other tracks name is "Robin:The Chiller" that is rarely closed. The ride was opened in 1998 and is manufactured by premier rides. If you have never seen The Chiller, think of it like a standard Boomerang coaster on steroids. It is longer, faster and much more intense. The ride has a LIM launch system (similar to rides like "Rock 'n' Roller Coaster" at Disney MGM) that reaches speeds up to 70 mph.

Update: Although employees at Gadv said that the ride would be open today, it did not run. The train for the ride is in the loading station, indicating that the ride is very close to opening. Many enthusiasts are now anticipating the ride to open on Sunday, just in time for Six Flags' Spring Break week.

Update 2: I visited the park on Sunday (pictures and Trip report to come). One of the employees told me that Batman would be open by mid morning, however the ride did not open all day. The reason for the delay may have to do with the New Jersey state inspectors having to approve the ride. New Jersey has been notorious for having extremely strict regulations for roller coasters and amusement parks in general.

Update 3: On Friday May 5, The Batman side of Chiller was running properly.


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Linda Rosi said...

With all the nice cheap ticket prices with Six Flags Great Adventure Coupons I can't wait to go there this weekend. Hope the crowd wont be that bad.